The Phoenix Club – Sex Party in London

Aida - The Phoenix Club London
Aida - The Phoenix Club London

The Phoenix Club is a popular sex party in Baron’s Court, London run by the lovely host M. These parties usually have 3 escorts, a maximum of 6 punters (2:1 Ratio) and cost £160 for 2 hours.

Based on other Sex Parties in London, TPC Parties are much smaller and intimate events since there are only a maximum of 10 people at the party. Most of your interactions at The Phoenix Club will be one on one with the girls with an occasional spit roasting if its a full house.

After hearing so much about The Phoenix Club, I had to go check them out and I found myself returning every month for another party.

Phone: +447748903868
Ratio: 2:1 (Maximum - 3 Girls and 6 Punters)
Price: £160 for 2 hours


Girls: 3/5
Venue: 4/5
Sex: 5/5
Price: 4/5
Would I Repeat: 5/5
Total Rating: 4/5

Booking An Appointment at The Phoenix Club

There are three parties every day (Monday to Saturday) from 1pm-3pm, 4pm-6pm & 7pm-9pm. To make a booking you need to call the beautiful M on her phone number after 9 AM on the day of the party and she’ll confirm if she has any slots available for the party you are looking for.

After speaking with her, you will receive an SMS from M confirming the location, timing, etc.

I’ve experienced a lot of last minute girl changes with TPC lately, so I usually follow up an hour before my party to confirm the roster before jumping on the tube to Baron’s Court. Even after doing this I’ve had to deal with a few last minute disappointments.

Booking With The Phoenix Club
Booking With The Phoenix Club

Getting There & The Venue

The flat is fairly easy to find and a few minutes walk from the Baron’s Court tube station. I generally grab a coffee at the C’est Ici near the tube and walk over to the address that M has sent in her message.

The flat itself is a small two bedroom apartment on the ground floor with street access. You buzz the apartment and M lets you into the ground floor flat. Once inside, you’re in the living room with a small sofa, some chairs, a table with some refreshments and a kitchen.

There is a bathroom with an erratic shower and two small bedrooms each with king beds, a chair and a cupboard.

The Sex Party!

Once you’re there, M will collect your donation and have you change into a towel. You can store your clothes in the cupboard, put your valuables into a pouch for M to store securely and head for a quick shower.

The girls will introduce themselves and then everyone will pair up and head out to different bedrooms.

My last visit to the TPC had Bruna, Maria and Ruby. I’ve also attended previous parties with Kasia, Jess, Luiza and Sienna. But more on the girls in the next section.

On my last visit, it was 3 girls and 4 punters. One of the punters left pretty early, which left it at 3 girls and 3 punters for most of the party.

Initially Bruna grabbed my hand and led me into one of the bedrooms. I’ve met her quite a few times before at TPC, so she recognized me immediately. She has always been extremely warm and accommodating – good DFK, usually in some sexy lingerie that she will happily take off to give you access to her tits and an absolutely great enthusiastic fuck. Her OWO though, is what really stands out. We also had another punter on the same bed fucking Ruby and boy was she a demanding fuck! I took some time to play with Ruby while I fucked Bruna and the other punter fingered Bruna while she blew me.

After a quick break to recuperate and drink some lemonade, I met up with Maria for the next round.

Maria I believe is a recent addition into the roster and is one of the few girls that is much more attractive than her photos. Although a bit more timid, Maria was more GFE, and went through the usual LFK, followed by OWO and then a slow deep fuck in missionary followed by some cowgirl.

After a bit of a chat with M about England’s prospects in soccer world-cup, I went into the bedroom to find another punter fucking Ruby in doggy style. I went ahead and positioned myself for OWO in front of her and we spent some spit roasting her. Eventually the other punter finished and Ruby jumped on-top to continue riding, She is truly unsatiable! A few minutes in, Bruna joined us and spent some time with DFK and kissing my neck and chest while I played with her pussy.

All in all a fantastic session and I would highly recommend all three ladies!

Popular Girls at The Phoenix Club

The photos on the website aren’t incredibly accurate or useful since they are mostly blurred. But I’ll list down some of the most popular girls at The Phoenix Club.

Luiza – Is by far the most popular girl and the unofficially queen of The Phoenix Club. She is probably in her late 20s, absolutely gorgeous Brazilian babe with a fantastic toned body and perfect perky boobs. She is able to brilliantly balance GFE with absolutely fucking you like a machine. Definitely an absolutely star.

Bruna – Also a gorgeous Brazilian and the pictures on the website are recent and a true reflection of her. Bruna is a slim Brazilian with great body, soft natural tits with perky nipples, nice soft juicy bum. She has a great attitude and delivers an excellent service.

Kasia – Is Latvian and she is tall, slim, curvy and very pretty with her short pixie blonde hair. She has a tight body, lovely breasts and a nice tight arse. She has great skills and I’ve only ever heard of good things from punters that have been with her.

Ruby: Mid 30s Romanian, brunette with great boobs and a tight body. She has a great attitude and you can tell she really enjoys the party vibe. Her OWO is one of the best.

Maria: Spnaish blonde, seems to be a recent addition. She did not speak or understand much English. She has a sort of latina vibe with a nice natural body, perhaps a size 12 and a lovely thicc ass.

Sienna: Cute, affectionate and bubbly curvy English girl. She has mousy blond hair, a lovely smile and incredible ass.

Ada: Looks fabulous, rather Amazonian with her fake tits and long legs, but turns out she’s only about 5 foot 7.

Kristine: Pretty, fit black girl in her twenties with a few tats, pretty, not toned but fit. Great service, but doesn’t kiss. With a nice pierced clit if thats your thing.

Jess – Beautiful BBW, she has plenty of tattoos, one pierced nipple and a pierced tongue, She has a sparkle in her eye, a great smile and is really cheeky. She is known to deliver great service and a fun attitude.

Nicole is a Romanian BBW and has been with The Phoenix Club for a number of years, and therefore the pictures are a few years old. But she is still very attractive, has stunning eyes, and lovely curves in all the right places.

Gaby: Very attractive, with fake tits which are a bit on the firm side.

Although I haven’t personally met them, the ones to avoid seem to be Barbara, Chantelle.

Final Thoughts

The Phoenix Club is exactly what you expect it to be – an orgy. An amazing, action packed sex party in London. At £160 for 3 girls over 2 hours, Its an absolutely fantastic bang for your buck. It can feel mechanical at times, at the same time its an interesting experience to be in a house full of naked people fucking.

Is it for you? I guess there is only one way to find out.

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