Sex Parties in London For Orgies & Swingers

Sex Parties In London
Sex Parties In London

Sex Parties in London are a great way to play with many different women in a few hours with several different parties taking place on a regular schedule.

These parties typically cost between £80 to £160 for a 2 hours with 3 to 8 girls in attendance. Cheaper parties like LAPC will have a ratio of 4:1 while more expensive parties like The Phoenix Club will have a ratio of 2:1.

While there are several genuine swingers events that do take place in London as well, the sex parties we’re referring to include escorts that are paid to attend along with several punters that pay to attend the party.

How does it work?

To put it simply – These parties are orgies with several escorts in attendance. Most parties will follow some variation of the following:

You buzz into the house and are greeted by the hostess who will take your contribution along with your cell phone and personal belongings to be stored safely.

After a quick shower, you can choose to go nude or change into a bathrobe that will be provided and go meet the the girls. Some of the parties include drinks and snacks as well.

Once the party starts, everyone will pair off and head to the several rooms to get the party started. Depending on the ratio, you might be one on one with the girl or have multiple guys playing with each girl while some others enjoy the show. If you’re shy, I’d recommend starting out with parties like The Phoenix Club with a lower ratio, while the ones that are looking forward to spit roasting the girls and have more of a genuine orgy experience will enjoy the other parties as well.

Of-course, each girl will have her own set of rules about OWO / OW or Reverse Oral, Fingering, etc and these will be communicated to you as you engage each girl.

You’re free to meet, play with and finish as many times as you want and can during the party.

List of Sex Parties in London

While there are many different sex parties available in London, I’ll be focusing only on the best parties along with a review of my experience at these parties.

Name of Party
LocationPrice of AdmissionGirls & RatioSiL Review & Score!
The Phoenix Club (TPC)Barons Court£1603 Girls
2:1 Ratio
The Phoenix Club – Sex Party in London
Rating: 4.5 / 5
Rebecca Ryder’s London Sex PartiesSutton£1403-8 Girls
4:1 Ratio
London Adult Party Club (LAPC)Sutton and Notting Hill£953-5 Girls
3:1 Ratio

Final Thoughts on Sex Parties in London

These parties are certainly not going to deliver a GFE experience that you will enjoy from many of the great escorts in London. The Sex Party scene in London is a great way to play with many different girls in a short period of time for about the same amount of money an average escort will charge you for a 1-2 hour session.

These parties a great way to get a lot of BANG for your buck. It’s also a fantastic way to experience a real orgy.

Is it for you? I guess there is only one way to find out.

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